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The Quotable Sayak

The Quotable Sayak

The Quotable Sayak is a critic, contributor and coordinator of social media at Sesaya. Naturally arts-inclined, he is a drama major in a secondary arts program and music student at Sesaya.

It does not feel like spring yet…but let’s speed up Mother Nature with these 10 songs that are sure to bring on warm thoughts!

1. “Nine In The Afternoon” by Panic! At The Disco

The horns, Brendon Urie’s vocals, the pianos, EVERYTHING! I really do think that Panic! At The Disco went in the studio with the intention of writing a spring song. This track feel theatrical, huge, and it is definitely the thing I need whenever winter is getting me down.

2. “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

I am not CRAZY familiar with The Beatles’ discography, but I do know quite a few singles and songs, and as soon as I laid my ears on this gem about 7 months ago…I thought ‘SPRING!’, and so naturally…making a spring playlist…I knew this had to be on it. Listen to the awesome guitars opening up this track, and the really solid drumming and great vocals.

3. “Stay” by Kygo & Maty Noyes

While I am not crazy about Maty Noyes’ vocals, this production by Kygo reminds me a lot of spring, especially that drop. Sure…this may not be the greatest song ever made or anything, but it is fun and reminds you of spring with its upbeat, poppy production.

4. “Stayin’ Alive” By Bee Gees

So groovy, so fun…so spring! Listen to the falsetto vocals against this insanely funky beat. This song is iconic, and if you don’t know it, then what are you doing reading this? Go and listen to this song! It will make you feel in the spring mood…or at least until you walk outside, and it is still just 3℃. 

5. “Making The Most of The Night” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen’s album “Emotion” may just be one of my favourite albums EVER, and with moments like this…how could it not be? “Making The Most of The Night” is a song that is about…you guessed it…making the most of the night, and I love its peppy chorus and the bridge on this track. This song is sure to get you out of your winter slump and get you to feel the spring vibe.

6. “Rose-Colored Boy” by Paramore

This is a fantastic song that, while sad in its lyrical content, is upbeat and very spring-sounding in its instrumental. Listen to Hayley Williams sing “Low-key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather,” over this up-tempo, fun beat. This track definitely reminds me of an 80s track mixed with Gwen Stefani…if that makes any sense at all.

7. “Cut To The Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepsen

I LOVE this song. The great verses and pre-choruses along with the bombastic, huge chorus. Everything about this song reminds you of spring. Carly Rae offers her energetic vocals, and against this upbeat piece of synth-pop, it makes for a great spring song. Carly Rae sings ‘Ah, I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling,’ and you start to feel just as invested as she is.

8. “Adventure Of A Lifetime” by Coldplay

That AWESOME guitar riff that opens this track is so great and Chris Martin’s SUPER energetic vocals make this a favourite Coldplay track of mine. This track is AWESOME and insanely catchy and the handclaps and awesome production and instrumentation all remind me of spring and blooming flowers. This track is just so colourful, bright, and entertaining that I can’t help but absolutely adore everything about it. This track is honestly just as great as it was 2 years ago.

9. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Now you may feel that this is a summer song, but to me summer songs are songs like ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’ by Justin Timberlake, and songs like Happy are spring songs as they get you off your feet on the worst of the days. Now…it is basically a fact that everyone is in their worst mood during winter, and this song will just put the spring spirit right in you!

10. “Still Into You” by Paramore

The 2013 hit by Paramore “Still Into You” mentions butterflies and was released on March 14th,  which are signs that it is destined to be on people’s spring playlists everywhere. The drums and Hayley William’s signature vocals combine with this great beat in an awesome way. This song is just so sweet, and I adore how the pre-chorus sees the song slowing down for a bit. This song is catchy, and as soon as you hear this song…you will be in the total spring mood.

Listen to all these AWESOME spring songs here:

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