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The Quotable Sayak

The Quotable Sayak

The Quotable Sayak is a critic, contributor and coordinator of social media at Sesaya. Naturally arts-inclined, he is a drama major in a secondary arts program and music student at Sesaya.

Soaring guitars, pounding drums, detailed lyrics and a catchy hook are at the core of Tampa-based singer-songwriter Dacian Miron’s newest single Feelin’ Dangerous. The lyrics are about love, the un-fightable connection between two people . . . and a woman who leaves Miron constantly wanting more. The instrumentation is super-energetic and upbeat. The track has all the fun sensibilities of pop music, plus the solid instrumentation of rock music. In that way, it strikes a nice balance.

While I think Miron could try experimenting with using more aspects of his voice (like his lower range) and sharpen up his lyrics (a few less cliches), Feelin’ Dangerous is a good track, and a more than promising start for him going forward. It’s edgy and catchy, and it will leave you curious about what’s to come in the future for Miron’s musical career.
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