Why Sesaya?

What the community is saying about us:

img_6953_cropMy time with Sesaya encompasses over 12 years and has been a wonderful, ongoing learning experience. From the time I was just 5 years old stepping into an Orff program to my most recent piano recital in a huge church auditorium, I have been given the chance to explore my love alongside people of all ages and backgrounds – and the best instructors around.

Sesaya is more than just a series of music lessons – it’s a community of amazing, hilarious, and extremely talented teachers who work so hard to make sure you can’t wait for the next lesson. It brings out the best in everyone, be it their dramatic side or their love of pop music, their experimentation with classic guitar solos or operas and duets. I have been given the opportunity to choose my own music, pick from a wide variety of classical, baroque and jazz selections, and perform in a huge ensemble.

The learning experience was tailored specifically for me, and it made the whole learning environment feel less like a classroom and more like a stage, replete with fantastic memories, amazing instructors, and lots of laughs. The teachers especially have been so much fun to work with – and their kindness and empathy is very welcoming. Thank you, Sesaya, for a wonderful 12 years, and many more to come.

~ Nicholas, Sesaya Student since 2004

I had an audition for the vocal program at the prestigious Claude Watson Secondary Arts Program at Earl Haig SS, but didn’t know how to prepare. The teachers at Sesaya really helped me, starting from finding and suggesting a beautiful audition piece to helping me to prepare me for the technical requirements. It was amazing having that support from such skilled teachers. When I received my acceptance letter, they were almost as excited as I was. I would never have been accepted without their guidance. Thank you, Sesaya!

~ Katelyn, Sesaya Student since 2014

img_6841_cropOur family want to convey how very much we enjoyed yesterday evening . . . Thanks to each of you for all that you did to not only provide us with an exceptional performance, and also a really warm and fun evening.

Wing, you are so talented, and we thank you for your help and flexibility. Your guitar accompaniment for “Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair” was outstanding.

Rachel, thank you. You really go above and beyond with helping all of our children (even those who are not your students). Thank you for being so generous–truly appreciated.

Arpita, you have so much to be proud of. Your energy, hard work, dedication and generosity is matchless. You put so much love, heart and soul into each of our children’s development, and we cannot thank you enough. You really do help to bring out the best in all of our children.           ~ Lorraine P, Sesaya Parent since 2005

img_5856I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you!  Last night’s recital was absolutely amazing.

Arpita, thank you for all the little things you do (which are really big things in disguise). Thank you for arranging the venue for the recital. It was beautiful, spacious, had lots of parking and was accessible to all. I really appreciate the fact that you always think like a mom and a professional.  

Rachel and Lauren, thank you for being such fantastic teachers, always being so positive and drawing on each child’s strengths. All of the kids just shined. Having a year-end recital gives the kids something to work towards and lets them be proud of their accomplishments. There was such a nice variety of instruments and genres of music. The two of you are truly talented! Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with my children.

~ Lorraine H-K, Sesaya Parent  since 2004