HERE the Wild Things are!

When you were a child, did your parents read you the story of Max, the disobedient child who is sent to his room without his dinner? Did your eyes widen as – instead of sulking – Max sailed away on a ship of his own imagining, to the land of the Wild Things, whom he […]

Louise Pitre: YPT, Potato Chips and “Great Advice”

Louise Pitre is a household name. Especially in my house, where three of the toughest critics I know (who happen to be my children) regularly discuss her talent and pose questions about her career. They are fascinated to hear that she originated the role of  Fantine in the Canadian production of Les Misérables, (for which […]

A Word with Rosa Laborde about Marine Life

Rosa Laborde has a way with words. And sometimes, as an actor and award-winning playwright, those words have their way with her. Her latest play Marine Life will be presented at the Alameda Theatre Company’s 6th Annual De Colores Festival of New Works by Latin-Canadian Playwrights on Friday October 18. When we talk about it, […]

Young People’s Theatre Opens Season with A Story Before Time

Young People’s Theatre’s season opens with an age-old story: the Dora-nominated  A Story Before Time, a colourful interpretation of the Iroquois Creation Story from Kaha:wi Dance Theatre told through music, dance and drama.  Written by Drew Hayden Taylor and created by director/choreographer Santee Smith,  A Story before Time also features original music composed by Donald Quan, which […]

Double Star Turn for Stratford Festival’s Luke Humphrey

The things that are happening to Luke Humphrey this year! For starters, though in just his third year at Stratford, he’s been playing chivalrous musketeer D’Artagnan in the Festival’s Three Musketeers to considerable acclaim (see our June 14th post for more on this). He’s also just opened in his second lead role in John Murrell’s Taking Shakespeare, […]

Family Road Trip #1: Toothpick Orchestra at Canada’s NAC

The status of the often-used but seldom-valued toothpick just went up. On Tuesday, June 25 Canada’s National Arts Centre received a one-of-a-kind gift: a model of the NAC Orchestra made entirely of toothpicks! The model was created by Go Sato and consists of an astonishing 12,500 toothpicks. It took him 3 years to make, including […]

Luke Humphrey — A Savvy Musketeer!

Most of us only dream of setting foot on a professional stage. Imagine if that stage was at venerable Stratford Festival — and the legendary Christopher Plummer was your tour guide. It happened to actor Luke Humphrey when he first joined the Festival ensemble three years ago. “My first steps onto the Festival stage were […]

Ma-Anne Dionisio Makes Memories in Cats

Ma-Anne Dionisio is allergic to cats. How ironic, since she’s appearing in the new Canadian production of Cats, playing perhaps the most recognizable cat in the world:  Grizabella the Glamour Cat,  who sings the signature song “Memory.”  Mind you, this isn’t the first or only time she’s had to inhabit a foreign body. The role […]

Year-End Recitals

For my family, this is Performance Week.  We have 3 children, and they have been preparing all year for  year-end recitals and performances (1 at our own studio, and 3 at other dance and theatre studios where they take lessons). By some weird synchronicity, all 4 culminating performances fall into this week. Monday was the […]