Why drama classes? So many reasons!

Through the use of stories, theatre allows us to explore different perspectives, encourage sharing and open communication, and identify options for change or action for an individual or a group of people. Theatre provides opportunities for personal transformation, in addition to the important artistic and aesthetic purposes it serves in our society. Drama education recognizes and engages the whole person — emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. Thus, arts education is essential in the healthy development of young learners as they construct their personal identity, and their place in their community and world — not to mention their repertoire and understanding of arts and culture.

Cellist Rachel Mercer: A Contemporary Classic

Acclaimed, award-winning cellist Rachel Mercer, also teaches chamber music at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. Rachel spoke with SesayArts about playing in The Poem/the Song, to what she attributes her continued success and where we can expect to hear her next.

SesayArts in Conversation with Pierre Simpson: Les Zinspirés–”waiting in the wings is a wild ride about to burst forth in 3D!”

If you’re a French-speaking Ontario teen with some Molière in your soul, then directors Guy Mignault and Pierre Simpson want to shine a spotlight on you. This October, 5 Toronto-area teens will, once again, get a chance to shine as playwrights, when Théâtre français de Toronto presents Les Zinspirés 3D. Now in its third year, […]