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“Without an audience, performance doesn’t exist.” SesayArts in conversation with Bea Pizano

I’ve at last got an opportunity to speak with Beatriz Pizano, and wouldn’t you know, it’s both the best of times . . . and the worst of times. It is mere days until CAMINOS 2017: performing intersections, the second edition of the festival of new multidisciplinary works-in-progress by Pan-American, Indigenous and Latinx artists. CAMINOS […]

Say YES! More inspiration and less inhibition with The Second City’s Improv Philosophy

It’s true: one of the hottest shows in my recent memory took place in a cruise ship lounge. During a family cruise to Bermuda, four members of The Second City Touring Company fashioned indelible characters  (Batman villains, toothpaste-obsessed recluses, even a particularly limber air dancer) with rapid-fire wordplay that they improvised entirely from the indiscriminate […]