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Why drama classes? So many reasons!

Through the use of stories, theatre allows us to explore different perspectives, encourage sharing and open communication, and identify options for change or action for an individual or a group of people. Theatre provides opportunities for personal transformation, in addition to the important artistic and aesthetic purposes it serves in our society. Drama education recognizes and engages the whole person — emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. Thus, arts education is essential in the healthy development of young learners as they construct their personal identity, and their place in their community and world — not to mention their repertoire and understanding of arts and culture.


Actor Emilio Vieira dreaming it and doing it in two completely different Shakespeare worlds

If you’re a Toronto resident, nothing says summer like watching Shakespeare under the stars in High Park. Since last year, Canadian Stage’s Shakespeare in High Park (SiHP) has presented a repertory of Shakespearean plays: a comedy and tragedy alternating nightly through July and August, with members of the acting company playing different roles in each […]

HERE the Wild Things are!

When you were a child, did your parents read you the story of Max, the disobedient child who is sent to his room without his dinner? Did your eyes widen as – instead of sulking – Max sailed away on a ship of his own imagining, to the land of the Wild Things, whom he […]

Young People’s Theatre Opens Season with A Story Before Time

Young People’s Theatre’s season opens with an age-old story: the Dora-nominated  A Story Before Time, a colourful interpretation of the Iroquois Creation Story from Kaha:wi Dance Theatre told through music, dance and drama.  Written by Drew Hayden Taylor and created by director/choreographer Santee Smith,  A Story before Time also features original music composed by Donald Quan, which […]

Double Star Turn for Stratford Festival’s Luke Humphrey

The things that are happening to Luke Humphrey this year! For starters, though in just his third year at Stratford, he’s been playing chivalrous musketeer D’Artagnan in the Festival’s Three Musketeers to considerable acclaim (see our June 14th post for more on this). He’s also just opened in his second lead role in John Murrell’s Taking Shakespeare, […]

Luke Humphrey — A Savvy Musketeer!

Most of us only dream of setting foot on a professional stage. Imagine if that stage was at venerable Stratford Festival — and the legendary Christopher Plummer was your tour guide. It happened to actor Luke Humphrey when he first joined the Festival ensemble three years ago. “My first steps onto the Festival stage were […]

Year-End Recitals

For my family, this is Performance Week.  We have 3 children, and they have been preparing all year for  year-end recitals and performances (1 at our own studio, and 3 at other dance and theatre studios where they take lessons). By some weird synchronicity, all 4 culminating performances fall into this week. Monday was the […]

SesayArts: From Page to Stage – 4

Gee whiskers! Annie‘s coming to Toronto’s Young’s People Theatre, from November 11 to December 19, 2013 in a Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) version of the renowned musical that won 9 Tony awards, and has been a perennial family favourite since its Broadway premiere 36 years ago. Little Orphan Annie, the comic strip on which […]

SesayArts: From Page to Stage – 3

After setting off musical-theatre mania in Toronto 28 years ago, Cats returns with a new all-Canadian production at the Panasonic Theatre on May 28. Cats is a musical based on a collection of poems by English poet T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. A radical departure from his still-elusive masterwork, The Wasteland, Old […]