And then, at Soulpepper, there was Rose

I am a little girl  and my name is Rose, Rose is my name… And which little girl am I am I the little girl named Rose which little girl named Rose. This is one of the many conundrums that plague Rose, the nine-year-old protagonist of Gertrude Stein’s The World is Round as she searches for […]

Steffi D’s back at Soulpepper and pondering Pringles, prairie oysters and telltale Polaroids…

In speaking with Steffi DiDomenicantonio—aka Steffi D— it’s easy to see why Albert Schultz would snap her up. She’s winning in every way, exuding warmth and an unsparing enthusiasm for any topic up for discussion. Whether describing her current performance in Soulpepper’s  NYC-themed concert theatre Manhattan: Midtown-42nd Street and Broadway, recounting her most memorable (and unusual) […]

The Living Room Project offers classical concerts–with the comfort of home

Who among us hasn’t performed in front of the bathroom mirror with a hairbrush-microphone in hand? Or done an impromptu living room recital for a captive audience of sofa-bound siblings, stuffed animals and occasional house guests? Renée Huynh Barabash admits to it all. And she has transformed the unself-conscious spontaneity of childhood into a sold-out classical […]