“Improvisation is a musical language”: SesayArts in Conversation with Roberto Rosenman ~ Arpita Ghosal

Writing an introduction to this interview with Roberto Rosenman has required a feat of focus. Every time I resume my research, I unearth another fascinating fact. He’s a guitarist and a composer. A graphic designer, a visual artist and a writer. And a teacher. And with each identity comes a unique website. So…where to begin, […]

Cellist Rachel Mercer: A Contemporary Classic

Acclaimed, award-winning cellist Rachel Mercer, also teaches chamber music at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. Rachel spoke with SesayArts about playing in The Poem/the Song, to what she attributes her continued success and where we can expect to hear her next.

Family Road Trip #1: Toothpick Orchestra at Canada’s NAC

The status of the often-used but seldom-valued toothpick just went up. On Tuesday, June 25 Canada’s National Arts Centre received a one-of-a-kind gift: a model of the NAC Orchestra made entirely of toothpicks! The model was created by Go Sato and consists of an astonishing 12,500 toothpicks. It took him 3 years to make, including […]