Singing & Voice

Individual Instruction (All Ages)

Sesaya voice lessons first help your child to find their voice, release their personality, and build strength and precision.

We focus on developing:

  • individual singing styles
  • breath control and vocal strength
  • warm-up exercises
  • pitch and vibrato
  • dynamics and phrasing
  • student-centred, age-appropriate repertoire
  • musicianship and collaboration

As children develop their skills, our Vocal Mastery courses embrace traditional teaching approaches, such as preparation for:

  • the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations;
  • auditions for performances;
  • admission to specialized arts-based schools; or
  • vocal-program examinations.

Our focus is building the fundamentals while ensuring that your child sings songs that are a hit with them. And in our year-end concert, our students share this music with their family and friends.