Yehonatan Berick and AYR Trio open 2018 with Piano Trio Masters

5 at the First Chamber Series opens 2018 with the AYR Trio‘s Piano Trio Masters. Violin virtuoso Yehonatan Berick is the “Y” in the group’s name, bookended by his collaborators: pianist Angela Park (the “A”) and cellist Rachel Mercer (the “R”). In truth, his nickname is “Big Y”, and though his website bio describes him […]

Darren Sigesmund is cooking with Jazz!

When Darren Sigesmund compares cooking to jazz improv, take note. As a professional trombonist and a professional chef, he’s uniquely qualified to make the comparison. Sigesmund picked the trombone for its “lower brass sounds and the warmth of the instrument,” and he’s taken his talent far. He is a JUNO nominee and Galaxie Rising Star winner, and […]