Don’t have a cow: Jiv Parasram’s Take d Milk, Nah? is back!

How to introduce our interview with Jivesh Parasram (call him Jiv)…. Or rather, what to say that will be succinct? Because there is a lot to say about this maverick theatre creator who, in addition to being a writer and performer, is the Associate Artistic Producer of Theatre Passe Muraille and the Artistic Producer of […]

SesayArts in Conversation with John Van Burek, director of The Sound of Cracking Bones

Watching The Sounds of Cracking Bones feels like holding your breath for 70 minutes. It’s gripping, relentless and chilling. One after another, revelations of atrocity accumulate. The play is viscerally disturbing—for exactly the right reasons. How could a play about the horrors experienced by captive child soldiers be anything else? The Sounds of Cracking Bones is […]