Go, go, go to the OPO! ~ Arpita Ghosal

November 28 will be a be a history-making day for the Ontario Pops Orchestra: their first performance. Ever. What began as a glimmer to bring together experienced musicians from across the Toronto-area to play for the joy of it has since developed into a living, breathing orchestra, whose debut is just a day away. No doubt, […]

“Improvisation is a musical language”: SesayArts in Conversation with Roberto Rosenman ~ Arpita Ghosal

Writing an introduction to this interview with Roberto Rosenman has required a feat of focus. Every time I resume my research, I unearth another fascinating fact. He’s a guitarist and a composer. A graphic designer, a visual artist and a writer. And a teacher. And with each identity comes a unique website. So…where to begin, […]

Claire Morley shines a spotlight on artistic diversity in COC’s Free Concert Series by Arpita Ghosal

Claire Morley’s got a sweet gig. As the new Program Manager for the Canadian Opera Company’s Free Concert Series (FCS), she oversees the programming for 70-plus concerts being presented this season. Thanks to her, an estimated 15,000 people will experience the series this year. For free. Morley insists that she can’t take all the credit. […]

These Young Ruffians are not “strictly Shakespeare” — by Sayani S-G and Arpita Ghosal

Walk into Toronto’s Withrow Park, and you’ll see and hear the expected: spirited children engaging in summer-camp activities, happy dogs straining at their leads as they walk their owners along pathways decorated with sidewalk chalk, seniors practising tai chi under lush trees, and the inevitable swarms of errant insects to be swatted away. But come […]